James J. Davis Early Childhood Center

Picture representing James J. Davis Early Childhood Center

James J. Davis Early Childhood Development Center Davis Early Learning Center, a subsidiary of Whale Branch Elementary School is located at 364 Keans Neck Road in the northern region of Beaufort County, South Carolina. Located in a rural area called Dale, the school's address is actually Seabrook, South Carolina, 29940. It is 72,480 square miles in size. The original James J. Davis Elementary School was built in 1957. The school has students from six communities in Beaufort County. They are: Big Estate, Dale, Jenkins, Lobeco, Sheldon, and Yemassee. The school is a community based school that reaches out to the community and opens its doors to house such events as weddings, funerals, town meetings, voting precinct, and other community functions. Davis Early Learning Center is a vital part of the community and is supported in turn by the community. The staff is friendly and supportive of each other and the students, while expecting their very best efforts. With its warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere, the school provides a nurturing environment for the students and community. We invite you to come by and see for yourself that the students at James J. Davis Early Childhood Development Center are truly the best.


364 Keans Neck Road
Seabrook, SC 29940
843 466-3600 Phone
843 466-3581 Fax