Triplett's Expectations

    Classroom Expectations  

    I want learning to be fun and enjoyable. These expectations will help students learn in the best environment possible.

    1. We RESPECT ourselves and others
      1. No teasing or bullying
      2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves
      3. Work without distracting others.
    2. We make RIGHT CHOICES.
      1. Stop, look, and listen when the teacher is speaking.
      2. Follow directions the first time they are given
      3. Raise our hand to speak or ask questions.
      4. Use appropriate voices in the classroom.
    3. We are RESPONSIBLE for doing our BEST.
      1. Come prepared for class with our agenda/planner, textbooks, and homework.
      2. Complete all work in the time given.


    If students choose not to follow the Expectations:

    They will have the following consequences:

    • Green = We are having a GREAT day
    • 1st time (Yellow) = 5-minute time out during recess
    • 2nd time (Orange) = Walk laps during recess
    • 3rd time (Blue) = NO recess and teacher will follow-up with a call home.
    • 4th time (Red) = Referral, NO recess, and teacher will call home.


    Students will be sent to Ms. Singleton or Ms. Zierfuss immediately for:

    • physically harming or threatening someone
    • verbally abusing or mocking someone
    • damaging property
    • stealing
    • refusing to follow teacher’s directions which interferes with learning