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Welcome families!

Please download our brochure on what you need to register your child.  For more information, visit the Beaufort County School District Registration page for information on attendance zones and enrolling at our school. 

Our school registration contact for both J.J. Davis Early Learning Center (PK & K) and Whale Branch Elementary (1st-4th) is Shonda Royals. She can be reached at 843-466-1080. Her e-mail is

To register your child, you will need to provide the information below: 

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • South Carolina Certificate of Immunization (SCDHEC Form 2740):  copy can be obtained from South Carolina Department of Health located at 601 Wilmington Street Beaufort, SC 29902. Call 855-472-3432 to make an appointment or 843-525-7615 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM) or schedule an appointment online with web chat. They have limited services, please call. You can also obtain the form from your doctor’s office.
  • Provide current proof of residency (see chart below):

    You must provide documentation for both sections 1 and 2.

    The document must show and match the parent/guardian and address.  If you are unable to provide one of the following documents, request the Alternate Proof of Residency Application.

    Section 1- One (1) document

    • Real Estate Tax Bill (Must be the most recent bill)

    • Signed Lease (Dated within 1 year of the first day of attendance)
    • Military Housing Letter  
    • Section 8 Letter

    Section 2 - One (1) document

    • Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Water/Sewer - Within last 60 days)
    • Phone Bill (Landline only - Within last 60 days - Cell phone bills will not be accepted)
    • Cable Bill (Within last 60 days)
    • Current Car Insurance declaration page (Must be an active policy)
    • Current Home or Renters insurance declaration page (Must be an active policy)
    • Vehicle Registration (Must be for current period)

    Please check and attach copies of the documents above. You should black out account and social security numbers on the documents. All documents must be current and show the name and address of the parent(s)/ guardian(s).  Envelopes will not be accepted.

    Notice: Parent/Guardians will be given 30 days to provide documentation of residency from the date of enrollment.  A home visit may be conducted by the school’s social worker or other school official if documentation is not provided within 30 days.

    If it is found that a parent/guardian is knowingly or willfully providing false information to a school district regarding the residency of a child for the purpose of enabling that child to attend any school in that district, the adult can be prosecuted for providing false information, a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to $200 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days and required to pay an amount equal to the cost of educating the child.